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Written by:Jammer Direct
1/25/2012 9:36 AM 

Our very special guest for this weeks episode of The Dose is Holmes Wilson, one of the creators of the SOPA Strike movement, as well as one of the founders of,, and

The SOPA Strike movement are responsible for the internet blackout, which occured on January 18th, 2012 and involved over 75,000 websites including Wikipedia, Reddit, Mozilla, Jammer Direct, BoingBoing and, to a lesser extent, sites like Google and Twitpic.

Click here to download the entire episode.

The Dose airs every Wednesday, Friday, and Monday at Noon, 6, and 9PM EST on JammerStream One.


About Fight for the Future.Org:
Fight for the Future is a non-profit helping to organize the historic strike against the web censorship bills SOPA and PIPA on our site - go there for a list of websites that are striking and more information.

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